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CYC is a career coaching company aimed toward helping international students discover their career ambitions in the United States. Located in Chicago, the heart of the Midwest, we have access to coaches and job opportunities from all over. At CYC you’ll notice one big difference, our level of commitment to our client services. We go above and beyond to make sure that every interaction and every session with one of our world class coaches is nothing short of perfection.


With a dual degree in Marketing Communications and Journalism from Columbia College, Kat has over 15 years experience working in business, finance, supply chain, marketing, public relations and business development. Kat started her career working with Eventors Inc. (PR firm handling 10K/5K event planning), eventually leaving to work in supply chain role with Gap Inc. A few years later, Kat started working for Starbucks Coffee Company, tackling several roles from marketing to business development, where she developed a strong finance background, creating top line sales strategies. Kat currently works full-time as an International career coach and has successfully helped students get dream offers and internships from Fortune 500 companies, such as Deloitte, PWC, JP Morgan, UBS Financial, PepsiCo, CME, United Nations, Make-A-Wish Foundation, HSBC and Apple.

Career Coaching


TOM (Click image for more)

CPA with over 20 years experience; member of the Chicago board of Trade and CME.

HOLLINA (Click image for more)

Human resources professional with over 7 years experience, currently working in RSM, one of the largest international accounting firms.

ROLAND (Click image for more)

Roland is our engineering coach. Currently he works for Siemens as an application engineer.

ALEX (Click image for more)

A top-tier technical coach, Alex has 15+ years experience ranging from Microsoft to Target in the areas of software engineering and development.

JOHN (Click image for more)

Our 10+ years marketing analytics master, who currently works for Oracle. John provides in-depth analysis of behavioral and attitudinal trends to reveal powerful insights that inform data-based strategies for executives.

JENNY (Click image for more)

With 28 years of pharmaceutical experience working for one of the largest big Pharma companies in the world, Jenny’s skill sets include project management, analytics, strategic processes, and pull-through execution.

AIJALON (AJ)  (Click image for more)

With over 8 years of technical recruiting experience is a multitude of countries, AJ is currently the Founder & Technical Recruiter of Dataroc Recruitment, with a primary focus to build Data Analytics and technology teams through executive search and consulting type recruitment assignments.

CALIKAY (Click image for more)

With over 18 years of solid experience in multiple roles in the IT industry, Cali’s background is in UX Design, Software Engineering/Development, and Product Management. She has supported top brands such as 3M, Ecolab, Best Buy, GE Healthcare, Ameriprise, Target, Amazon, Mayo, US Bank, Walgreens, Kohls and LPL Financial. She also has hired and built global teams to support the design and development of life-changing products and services.

LEO (Click image for more)

Coming from big-name companies such as Nielsen and Grant Thornton, Leo has spent the last 20 years in a variety of fields, empowered by his love of constant learning. His background spans from data science to consulting and risk management.

LARRY (Click image for more)

Larry is a senior Financial Services executive, who has managed an $8 billion banking network. With over 30 years’ experience working for major Fortune 500 companies, including Unisys, Washington Mutual and Suntrust Bank, Larry brings expertise in areas such as Financial Analysis, Assets & Mergers, Human Resources, Marketing, Strategic Planning and consistent success as a high-level mentor.

ROBERT (Click image for more)

Robert David Hernandez is currently a Software Engineer at JPMorgan’s Corporate and Investment Bank, and previously a Product Development Engineer at Intel Corporation.

PAN (Click image for more)

Pan comes to us with over 8 years of professional experience, mostly within actuarial roles in the insurance, consulting and reinsurance industries. With her bachelors in statistics and her masters from Columbia University in actuarial science, Pan is highly attuned with her analytical side. She also holds a passion for development and career coaching.

TRINA (Click image for more)

With a background starting in information systems and working for major players including Accenture and JP Morgan, Trina has over 25 years of professional experience and is dedicated to helping others with career development and transition.

VINNIE (Click image for more)

Vinnie comes to CYC with 10+ years of analytical experience and two masters degrees, with a professional focus split in both the private and public sector; having spent the last few years in D.C. working for the Department of Defense, Customs and the Federal Reserve as an analyst and project manager.

LAURA (Click image for more)

Laura’s extensive background working for major tech companies, including IBM for over 35 years, has given her a diverse perspective on the entire software development lifecycle, especially knowing what employers look for in their tech hires.


Why Choose Us?

CYC is committed to providing the best in world-class customer service and quality of coaching. We stand behind our brand.


Our price is reasonable and affordable. We aim to offer the best in services at a price everyone can afford.


Attention to detail in all matters. We’re with you every step of the way.


Experience an elevated level of learning with our one of a kind methodology. We understand people learn in different ways, which is why we take a hands on approach to learning.


Mix and match to suit your needs


Resume, Cover Letter, Career Planning, Target Positions, Business English.


LinkedIn, Coffee Chats, In-Mail, Career Fair, Info Sessions, Informational Interviews.


Mock Interview, Case Interview, Commercial Awareness, Project Pitch, Super Day.

Finishing Touches

Thank You Letters, Sponsorship/Salary Negotiation, Inner-Office Development.

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Customize your package with the selections available above

We recommend following the guidance of our Career Counselors for package selection as they are highly skilled with the process, but ultimately the choice is up to you. *A minimum of 4 sessions is recommended so you have guidance through the entirety of the application process.


Internship Package

No Time Limit

15 One-on-one Sessions With Our Professional Coaches

Unlimited Email/WeChat Support

Vacancy List Every Week

100% Interview Support

Exclusive Access To CYC Networking Events And Webinars

VIP Package

No Time Limit

25 One-on-one Sessions With Our Professional Coaches

Always Get The Best Option & Time Slot

Application Process Assist (25 positions)

Internal Referral Available

One Recommendation Letter from Head Coach

Personal Career Consultant Help Throughout The Entire Program

The Other Items In The Internship Package Excluding One-on-one Sessions

Higher Education Plus

No Time Limit

30 One-on-one Sessions With Our Professional Coaches

Guarantee At Least One Program Admission

English Training Available

School/Program Selecting Assist (10 Programs)

One Personal Statement

One Statement Of Purpose/Essay/Writing Sample

The Other Items In The VIP Package Excluding One-on-one Sessions


4 Important Keys
Our program focuses on the four keys to success:

  • Application Process
  • Networking
  • Interviewing
  • Finishing Touches

Application Process: There is more to the perfect application besides your resume. Timing, resources, cover letters and the process itself all come into play in the beginning stages of your career journey.

Networking: Contrary to popular belief networking does not yield immediate results and is not the main way you will get a job between the ages of 21-30. However, it can pay off if done correctly.

Interviewing: Start with the basics and work through the five key categories as well as technical skill questions, case studies and commercial awareness questions.

Finishing Touches: Have a special request for a session? We will always do our best to accommodate. If not, we can help with interview follow-up, H1B negotiation and more.


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